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Proctolazer Hakkımızda

Proctolazer About Us. Surgical Laser Systems is a company specialized in ct Proctology ’.

Founder Aşkın İşbaşaran of Proctolazer company that, with 20 years of experience in the sector, in 2010, ‘the German company Laser Surgery’, ‘Regional Sales Manager’, it has entered the field of laser surgery in Turkey.

When we look at laser surgery companies all over the world, 1470 nm Diode Lasers are produced for Endovasculer procedures. Web sites of foreign source laser companies; Proctology has just begun entering. Laser Procto, we logged into the surgical field, the use of laser Proctology not much known in Turkey.

It would not be wrong to state that the first steps were taken with ‘Procto Lazer’ and Aşkın İşbaşaran.

The first use of Proctology started in Bursa with Dr. Nejat Gülgör. Prof. Uludag University, Department of General Surgery. Dr. Ersin Ozturk (Colon Rectum), Prof. Dr. Arif Gürpınar (Cooperative Surgery), Prof.Dr. Dr. Hakan Coşkun (ENT) started to use academically in the university.

Prof. Dr. Ersin Ozturk’s clinical study with Perianal Fistula; In 2013, it was published in the journal on Colon Rectum Diseases. This has been a revolution for laser in Proctology. It was a great honor for us to be with our masters in the study of 55 diseases.

As Proctolazer, it is very proud to be the first in the world. We have listed some of the firsts in the world as follows.

  • External Haemangioma with Diode Laser, Professor Prof. Arif Gürpınar, Uludağ University Department of Pediatric Surgery.
  • Diode laser use in liver tissue, Professor Dr. Remzi Emiroğlu, Acıbadem Hospital, Bursa.
  • UPJ stenosis, with Diode Laser Prof. Dr. Özcan Atahan, Medicalpark Hospital, Bursa.
  • Partial Nephrectomy with Diode Laser, Professor Dr. Bülent Oktay (Urology), Acıbadem Hospital, Bursa.
  • Caposis Sarcoma, with Diode Laser Professor Dr. Hakan Coskun (ENT), Uludag University, ENT Department.
  • Typical Meningioma case with the only open surgery in the world, Prof. Dr. Halil Ak, Pendik Regional Hospital.

In the quantitative context;

  • More than 4,000, Hemorrhoids, Perianal Fistula, P. Sinus, Fissure,
  • Metastasectomy Endobronchial Tumors
  • We are proud to achieve more than 200 quantitative achievements with Conca, Endovascular.

As Proctolazer;

Ent, Thorax, Urology, Endovascular, Proctology, Pediatric Surgery, Brain Surgery in many fields, many indications, we have gained knowledge, with different types and wavelength laser devices are serving.


If the knowledge and experience you are looking for is absolutely right.

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